Metering & Instrumentation

Nace Engineering & Inspections Limited is a supplier of quality calibration services in the West African region. We are routinely performing tank, meter, prover loop and instrument calibrations/certifications and maintenance throughout Nigeria. Our fully qualified and trained staffs are completely conversant with the latest calibration and maintenance methods and techniques, using only fully serviceable and certified calibration equipment. We have a wealth of meter proving/calibration and meter maintenance experience.

  • Calibration of Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Oil and Gas Measurement/equipment
  • Relief/Pressure Safety Valves Certification etc

Nace Engineering & Inspection Ltd provides world class calibration services for various types of tanks, crude oil barges, vessels, trucks, ships including specialized gas and LNG carriers. All tank calibration work performed by Nace Engineering & Inspection Ltd is done in strict accordance with the latest American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurements Standard and/or International Organization of Standardization (ISO) Standards and sound engineering principles. Various techniques ranging from the traditional strapping to the state of the art Electro Optical Distance ranging method (EODR) in addition to metering are employed after careful analysis of customer’s requirements.